22 Great Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Low Ceilings

I completely understand what you’re going through! Because of the low ceiling, traditional lighting such as chandeliers and swinging ceiling lights might be difficult to employ. The average height of a home’s ceiling is 8 feet, therefore few of us live in homes with really high ceilings. Take a look at some of these amazing kitchen lighting ideas for low ceilings.

As a consequence, we must use lighting fixtures in rooms to create the illusion of height and make the space appear larger and more spacious.

It is very vital to have good lighting in the kitchen. A kitchen is where we get together to cook, dine, laugh, and even do schoolwork at the kitchen table. As a result, adequate lighting is necessary to ensure that the area is both practical and welcoming.

To see what you’re doing, you’ll need a lamp over the kitchen sink. If you have a kitchen island, you might want to consider a fixture for it. Recessed canned lighting is excellent for brightening the entire room.

Kitchen lighting, which are usually less than eight feet high, pose special issues. When it comes to low ceilings, the type of kitchen ceiling lighting you pick may make a significant impact. Recessed lighting is popular since it takes up less space, but strategically placed pendants and chandeliers may help you create a statement without blocking your view.

Perfect Matches

Drum pendants, when hung above kitchen islands, are a popular way to offer much-needed job lighting even in kitchens with low ceilings. Recessed lighting may be used to add ambient lighting to the remainder of the kitchen without detracting from the pendants’ dramatic mood.

kitchen lighting ideas for low ceilings

Ceiling Lights

Do you have a low ceiling in your kitchen? Low-profile light fixtures are ideal because they provide the illusion of extra height. A ceiling fan with a pleasing design and profile is a good option.

It offers ambient light to the living area and, owing to the fan, the air moves more freely. For one example, take a look at this fantastic Hunter ceiling fan.

kitchen lighting ideas for low ceilings

Touch Lights in the Shape of a Hexagon

Have you seen these interesting modular touch lights before? Check out our Helios Touch review to see whether something like this might be a good fit for your kitchen.
These would make fantastic night lights! So, when you stroll into your kitchen in quest of the ideal late-night snack, all you have to do is slide your palm on the wall – and the room will light up!

For your kitchen, a basic circle lamp is a perfect choice. A lamp with a frosted diffuser is ideal for reading, dining, and conversing with people since it creates a relaxing ambiance.
For the maximum effect, place it in the main seating area. Try out this Progress Lighting light — it’s a classic light fixture that’ll look excellent anyplace.

kitchen lighting ideas low ceilings

The Lights of the Future in the Kitchen

Low ceilings might really help you come up with new lighting solutions for your kitchen. Look for cutting-edge designs that are also quite functional, such as a 4-light semi-flush mount that allows you to beam light in numerous directions from a single light source.

best kitchen lights for low ceiling

Modern Luxury at its Finest

Crystal chandeliers or pendant lights are a lovely way to brighten and beautify a kitchen with low ceilings. Crystal pendants, like glass, can make a space feel bigger and more open. A crystal shade has the added benefit of quickly transforming your kitchen into a dazzling space appropriate for modern luxury.

kitchen lighting for low ceilings

Fixtures with a Semi-Flush Mount

Semi-flush mount fixtures are another excellent option to improve the appearance of your kitchen. They provide the impression that the building is higher than it is.

However, you still receive the desired lighting. Look for a light fixture with brass embellishments. Install a dimmer switch so you can control the quantity of light. Take a look at this light.

best kitchen lights for low ceiling


If you have a breakfast nook, a chandelier might be hung over it. But not just any chandelier will do; pick a modern design like this one. This lends a trendy air to the space while also making it cozier.

kitchen lights for low ceiling

Hanging Lights

Pendant lights shaped like sculptures are a great discussion starter in the kitchen. Make sure it’s not hanging too low that it gets in the way. You may even line up two or more in a row to make it appear as though you have a larger kitchen.

kitchen lights for low ceiling ideas

Recessed Reassessed

Recessed lighting is one of the finest choices with kitchens with low ceilings since that takes up no additional space. Typically, you’ll want to arrange your recessed lights equally for this basic lighting choice. Another typical method is to place recessed lighting around the room’s perimeter.

kitchen pendant lights for low ceilings

As Art, Light

Even though your ceilings are low, the lighting you pick may still make a statement. Some pendants, such as those with unusual patterns or designs, serve as both an art piece and a source of illumination. Allow these artistic pendants to provide some décor, obviating the need for wall hangings or sculptures that would otherwise clutter the room.

kitchen pendant lights for low ceilings ideas

The Ideal Location

You’ll want to consider the size and placement of your pendant if your kitchen has low ceilings, which are generally eight feet high or less. Small circular or flowing pendants will not take up too much space or obstruct the visual depth of the area. When standing or sitting, be sure the position of your pendant does not obstruct your vision.

kitchen pendant lights for low ceilings

Stack It Up

Don’t spend all of your attention on a single lighting aspect. Using lights of differing heights and different sources, light up a gloomy space. This eliminates all dark areas while leaving bulb wattages same.

The effect is intensified and looks wonderful if you place this type of ambient light slightly above eye level whether standing or seated. It’s best to use table or sconce lighting. Don’t overlook the importance of a nice table light.

kitchen pendant lights for low ceilings

Pendant made of crystal

To liven up your low-ceiling kitchen, use a crystal pendant light. They give your place a light and airy vibe. Without investing a lot of money, you can quickly transform your kitchen into a million-dollar space. For a stunning appearance, hang three in a row above your kitchen island.

pendant lights for low ceilings

Lighting in the Recesses

If you have a kitchen with low ceilings, recessed lighting is ideal since it doesn’t take up any more space than necessary. Arrange the lights in a way that they are equally spaced. You can also use them to decorate the room’s border. It will appear to be well-put-together, and it will illuminate everything for you.

Recessed lighting brightens the space and resembles natural light. Because they are seamless, they are superior to the clumsy can lighting of the 1990s. The impact of the lights, not their size, is what you notice.

Choose kits with a four-inch diameter but a long beam span. Then arrange them in a grid arrangement, spacing them out every four feet. It’s all about the result. It gives the impression that natural light is flooding the kitchen when it isn’t.

kitchen lighting for low ceilings

Lighting with a Creative Touch

If your ceilings are low, consider an artistic piece of lighting. This decorates the room without the need for additional wall hangings or knick-knacks. A lamp with an unusual form or design adds interest to your room and offers your visitors something to speak about.

Lighting fixtures like this one are fantastic because they direct your attention to the artwork. This allows the low ceiling to fade into the background, allowing your gorgeous and distinctive light to take center stage.

kitchen lighting ideas for low ceilings

It’s All About the Position

When hanging your kitchen lights, make sure they’re in the right place, especially if you’re utilizing pendant lights. Rounded or tiny flowing pendants are ideal since they don’t take up a lot of area and don’t obstruct your space’s visual depth.

When you or your family stands or sits, be sure the pendant’s height does not obstruct your vision.

kitchen lighting ideas for low ceilings

The Slimming Trick

Long and lean pendants are another choice for kitchens with low ceilings. Slim and elegant pendant designs, including such linear or cylinder shapes, are ideal for this since they provide the impression of extending the visual depth of the room.

kitchen lighting for low ceilings

Look for pendant lights that are slim and sleek.

Cone-shaped and linear shapes are excellent since they give the impression that your area is larger than it is. Under cabinet lighting is another excellent option. You may add light layers without worrying about taking up too much room on the ceiling.

Just make sure you select lighting that complements your room and reflects your unique style. Also, ensure that pendant lights are hung over your couch.

Remember that hanging curtains over a kitchen island or table is the ideal option since they create a statement and look amazing while also preventing people from wandering into the fixtures.

kitchen lighting

It’s All Right to Use Dark Colors

In tiny areas, we usually choose white since it offers the impression of spaciousness. However, don’t be afraid to use darker paint colors on the walls and ceilings, as well as darker ceiling fittings. A deep blue lamp shade, for example, might make it feel warm.

kitchen lighting

Make Use Of A Floor Lamp

Use one that does not point downward. Look for one with a semitransparent shade that diffuses light in all directions. It’s fantastic since it creates a warm atmosphere in the space.

kitchen lighting ideas

Make a deception

By combining three or more pendant lights that cast light around the room, you may give the impression that your ceilings are taller than they are. The fittings can be arranged in a linear pattern and at various lengths.

This creates a modern and one-of-a-kind design that looks fantastic over your kitchen island. If you have lights above your dining table, dimmers are a must since they allow you to regulate the mood of the light.

best kitchen lights

Pendant Light in White Sphere

A white spherical pendant light is wonderful because it produces a warm environment in which you can rest, read, dine, and do other things in a tranquil and relaxing environment. Make sure you leave enough room for it to hang over your dining table.

best kitchen light

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